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Sunday, September 21, 2008


I can only think of my sister Shubhashini when I make Naan, she is very quick and fast in learning things she is really amazing... I love the determination in her... She used to have a pan to make Naan. I love the way she makes Naan, this is definitely borrowed from her... She make the dough, rolls them and puts them on the Pan when one side is cooked she reverses the pan and holds the uncooked side of the Naan exposing to the Flames. Unfortunately mine is an electric coil so I had to toss it over for the other side to cook. I also use this as a Pizza base. Okay here is my version-

1. In a bowl add a tbsp of Yeast and a tbsp of Sugar, warm some Milk/Water and mix along with the Yeast mixture and stir well and let it raise.

2. In another large bowl mix All Purpose Flour, Salt and a pinch of Baking Powder.

3. Now add Yogurt and the raised Yeast mixture and make a dough.
4. Wet a Kitchen Tissue and cover the dough and let it raise for 15-20 mins.
5. Roll the dough into small balls and use a rolling pin to roll the dough.
6. Heat a pan and toss the Naan over it until it raises.

Serve with: Chicken Gravy or Vegetable Gravy.


vidu said...

Hope your people at haome had a feast, lucky them.

Sri said...

Nice stack of Naans. Love your dishes.

Arti said...

Naan with your Panner bhurji should taste great. I will try them and let you know.

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