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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I have been tagged by Usha for the 7 facts of meme, and ofcourse everything has rules:

a) List the rules on the blog
b) Share 7 facts about you
c) Tag 7 other people at the end of the blog

Oh yeah am done with the first rule now ;)

This sounds simple and interesting right, yup meme I can talk about myself , who doesnt like to speak (I am not very modest he he). One little secret there are more than 7 facts oh God 7 is little but rules are rules, now about me....

1. I derive a lot of pleasure cooking for others (am little cautious not to eat them all and load on flesh on me), I always remember little things about others food desire and love cooking for them.

2. I am a little slow in making friends, but I do cling on to them for long - good or bad, long or short, happy or sad...

3. My little food craving secret - early morning egg and cheese toast, sweets made out of milk, butter and garlic combo and ofcourse wine (I am not a drunkard but like the taste of wine, so I sip once in a while, limit is limit though mmm)...

4. Am not a TV bug but obviously love to read books so call me book bug anything from romance to cooking even about c-section, I dont mind reading them... (Love to read myster, and relic hunting and watch too little choosy)

5. I love to dec my kitchen with Indian-ethinic wooden things, can say I am slowly progressing, definitely a tough job...

6. I dont like anyone taking charge of my kitchen, means I am the King and Queen of my kitchen, there is no place for a minister there :(

7. I am cleanliness geek, but never mind getting my hands messy doing crafts and gardening. I spend most of the time doing embroidery, painting, gardening and ofcourse shop shop and shop until I fall (love to retain a trendy wardrobe). Planning for a garden next summer hope it works out well.

Oh that was not an easy job, condensing everything into 7 was definitely not easy ;) I can strike off the second rule too now.

For the Third I am tagging my good old friend Valarmathi, and
Daily Meals,
Alexa, &

I would like to pass on an award (introduced new) "Tusk Fairy Snack Award" to Divya for her wonderful Dates Cookie.

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