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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Paneer Gravy

To cook with minimum masala is fun and when the dish tastes amazing there will be a spark in the eye, I did enjoy this dish.

I used to think gravies taste good only when we add Onions in it but this time I dint use Onions.

1. Wash and dice the Peppers, dice the Paneer (I used half of the Paneer) about the same size of the Peppers.

2. Fry 3-4 Red Chillies and 1 tbsp of Coriander Seeds and ground them to a smooth powder.
3. Heat Oil in a Wok, add then Chilli-Corriander Powder Stir well.

4. Peel the Garlic and paste them, I use a Garlic Press which is very handy. Add the Paste or crush in the Garlic and cook for a few mins.
I have heard my Mom say that dishes taste differently if the ingredients are prepared differently, for example when tomatoes are crushed they taste different than when the tomatoes are pasted or cut. I started trusting that strongly these days, when I paste Garlic the taste was different and when I crush them the taste is different...
5. Now add the sliced Tomatoes and mix well add Water if you want a lil more gravy.
6. Add Chilli Powder and Turmeric Powder, cover and cook on medium or low flame.
7. In about 15 mins the Tomatoes will be well cooked and make a paste by themselves, add Salt.

8. Powder a few Fenugreek Seeds (too much make the dish bitter) and mix with the gravy.
9. Heat a pan with a tbsp of Oil add Cumin Seeds and fry the Paneer and Peppers when the Paneer turns Golden remove from flame and mix along with the gravy.
10. Chop Cilantro and garnish the dish.

Serve With: Naan, Chappathi Dosa or Pulav


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